Amaran 100X Bi-Colour LED – UK

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This item: Amaran 100X Bi-Colour LED - UK

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£201.00£211.65 £241.20 Inc. Vat (-5%)
£201.00£211.65 £241.20 Inc. Vat (-5%)
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The Amaran 100x is a bi-colour point-source LED fixture with stunning brightness, flexible colour temperature control and wireless Bluetooth app control. Meet the perfect light for content creators, interviews, portrait photography and video production. By using the latest COB technology from Amaran, the100x is able to output up to 34,300 lux at 1 meter using the 55° Hyper-Reflector while remaining incredibly compact. The 100x also boasts CRI & TLCI scores of 95+ for immaculate colour quality. The Amaran 100x also features a Bowens Mount for is compatibility with a wide universe of accessories. The Amaran 100x is equipped with Sidus Mesh® technology, forming a network with other Sidus compatible lights, allowing users to precisely control the fixture from nearly any smartphone or tablet using the Sidus Link® mobile app.


CCT 2700K

  • Barebulb Lux: 2470 at 1m, 290 at 3m, 110 at 5m
  • Barebulb Fc: 229 at 1m, 27 at 3m, 10 at 5m.
  • Hyper-Reflector Lux: 22500 at 1m, 2300 at 3m, and 800 at 5m.
  • Hyper-Reflector Fc: 2090 at 1m, 214 at 3m, 74 at 5m.


CCT 3200K

  • Barebulb Lux: 3000 at 1m, 350 at 3m, 130 at 5m
  • Barebulb Fc: 279 at 1m, 33 at 3m, 12 at 5m.
  • Hyper-Reflector Lux: 27850 at 1m, 2840 at 3m, 1000 at 5m.
  • Hyper-Reflector Fc: 2587 at 1m, 264 at 3m, 93 at 5m.


CCT 4300K

  • Barebulb Lux: 3510 at 1m, 716 at 3m, 165 at 5m.
  • Barebulb Fc: 326 at 1m, 66 at 3m, 15 at 5m.
  • Hyper-Reflector Lux: 32100 at 1m, 6090 at 3m, 1167 at 5m.
  • Hyper-Reflector Fc: 2982 at 1m, 566 at 3m, 108 at 5m.


CCT 5600K

  • Barebulb Lux: 3700 at 1m, 430 at 3m, 170 at 5m.
  • Barebulb Fc: 344 at 1m, 40 at 3m, 16 at 5m.
  • Hyper-Reflector Lux: 34300 at 1m, 3500 at 3m, 1230 at 5m.
  • Hyper-Reflector Fc: 3187 at 1m, 325 at 3m, 114 at 5m.


CCT 6500K

  • Barebulb Lux: 3300 at 1m, 290 at 3m, 150 at 5m.
  • Barebulb Fc: 307 at 1m, 36 at 3m, 14 at 5m.
  • Hyper-Reflector Lux: 31100 at 1m, 3150 at 3m, 1100 at 5m.
  • Hyper-Reflector Fc: 2889 at 1m, 293 at 3m, 102 at 5m.

Additional information





SSI (Tungsten)86
SSI (D560)74
Beam AngleNative (COB): 105°
w/ Hyper Reflector: 55°
Output Wattage100W
Power Consumption130W
Operating Current2.7A
Operating VoltageBattery: 48V/3A
Power Supply: Output – 48V, Input – AC 100~240V 50/60HZ
Operating Temperature20°C – 45°C
Control MethodsOn-board, Sidus Link (Sidus Mesh)
Wireless Operating RangeBluetooth – ≤ 80m
Screen TypeLCD
Firmware UpgradeableSidus Link OTA
Cooling MethodActive Cooling
Cable TypePower Supply Head Cable: 3-pin XLR (3m)
Max Head Cable Length: 3m
AC Power Cable: Locking IEC AC Power Cable (1.5m)
Accessory MountBowens Mount
Umbrella HolderYes
Mounting16mm, 5/8in baby pin
WeightLamp Head: 1410g
Power Supply: 487g
Total w/ Box: 3450g
DimensionsLamp Head w/o Mounting Column: 207 x 115 x115mm
Lamp Head w Mounting Column: 207 x 154 x 212mm
Lamp Head w/ Mounting Column & Reflector: 313 x 185 x 247mm
Power Supply: 137 x 59 x 34mm
Carrying Box: 515 x 255 x 245mm

What's Included

1x Amaran 100x
1x 55° Hyper-Reflector
1x 48V Power Supply 
1x 1.5m AC Power Cable

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£201.00£211.65 £241.20 Inc. Vat (-5%)

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